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Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty - E-book & Audio book (Self-help) [AhLaN] » ebook audio book
22 hours443 MB2617
Pluralsight - Visual Composition and Layouts [AhLaN] » video
23 hours360 MB2112
Pluralsight - Typography- Getting Started [AhLaN] » video
23 hours307 MB2610
Pluralsight - Color Theory Fundamentals [AhLaN] » video
23 hours92 MB286
Pluralsight - Big Picture- Visual Design [AhLaN] » video
23 hours54 MB293
Pluralsight - Advanced Typography [AhLaN] » video
23 hours186 MB247
Pluralsight - UX User Testing [AhLaN] » video
23 hours260 MB1413
Pluralsight - UX Strategy Fundamentals [AhLaN] » video
23 hours443 MB2311
Pluralsight - UX Research Analysis [AhLaN] » video
23 hours127 MB139
Pluralsight - Conducting UX Research [AhLaN] » video
23 hours133 MB188
Pluralsight - User Experience- The Big Picture [AhLaN] » video
23 hours357 MB1716
Pluralsight - Psychology of Interaction Design [AhLaN] » video
23 hours97 MB228
Pluralsight - Prototyping Techniques for UX Design [AhLaN] » video
23 hours93 MB199
Pluralsight - Interaction Design Fundamentals [AhLaN] » video
23 hours146 MB2110
Udemy - Python Crash Course For Beginners [AhLaN] » video
3 days646 MB1311
Udemy - Game Development for beginners with Python [AhLaN] » video
3 days858 MB186
Udemy - Python Comprehensive Bootcamp (Beginner To Professional) [AhLaN] » video
3 days4507 MB2820
Udemy -Python Bootcamp 2020 Build 15 working Applications and Games [AhLaN]
3 days19 GB3455
C++ Primer, 5th Edition by Barbara E. Moo (2012) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days50 MB154
Programming Principles and Practice Using C++, 2nd Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup (2014) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days33 MB253
A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup (2018) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days10 MB162
Advanced C++ By Gazihan Alankus, Olena Lizina, (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days49 MB157
Beginning C++17 From Novice to Professional, 5th Edition by Ivor Horton (2018) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days13 MB193
Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners by Slobodan Dmitrović (2020) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days3736 KB201
C++20 Quick Syntax Reference A Pocket Guide to the Language, APIs, and Library 4th ed.(2020) [AhLaN] » ebook tutorial
4 days4738 KB203
C++ Crash Course - By Josh Lospinoso (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days26 MB173
Expert C++ by Shunguang Wu, Vardan Grigoryan (2020) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days22 MB124
C++20 Recipes A Problem-Solution Approach, 2nd Edition by Bruce Sutherland, J. Burton Browning (2020) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days26 MB173
Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers (2014) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days23 MB102
Large-Scale C++ Volume I Process and Architecture 2nd Edition by John Lakos (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days81 MB155
C++ for Lazy Programmers Quick, Easy, and Fun C++ for Beginners by Will Briggs (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days16 MB234
Exploring C++20 The Programmer's Introduction to C++ 3rd Edition By Ray Lischner (2020) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days9223 KB172
C++ Templates The Complete Guide, 2nd Edition by David Vandevoorde (2017) [AhLaN] » ebook tutorial
4 days66 MB197
Advanced C++ Programming Cookbook by Dr. Rian Quinn (2020) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days78 MB205
C++ Concurrency in Action, Second Edition By Anthony Williams (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days8650 KB193
The C++ Workshop A New, Interactive Approach to Learning C++ by Alonzo L. Hosford (2020) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days21 MB263
C++ How to Program, 10e By Paul Deitel and Harvey Deitel (2016) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days68 MB146
Professional C++, 4th Edition By Marc Gregoire (2016) [AhLaN] » ebook
4 days6026 KB143
Udemy - JavaScript Web Projects 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio [AhLaN] » video
5 days16 GB2942
Svelte 3 Up and Running By Alessandro Segala (2020) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days4797 KB81
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, 2nd Edition By John Resig Bear Bibeault Josip Maras (2016) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days30 MB81
Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook By Federico Kereki (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days27 MB171
Head First JavaScript Programming By Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson (2014) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days141 MB111
You Don't Know JS Up & Going By Kyle Simpson (2015) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days20 MB72
JavaScript Next By Raju Gandhi (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days3535 KB60
Practical Oracle JET Developing Enterprise Applications in JavaScript By Daniel Curtis (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days13 MB42
Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition By Marijn Haverbeke (2018) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days3134 KB91
JavaScript.The.Definitive.Guide.7th.Edition By David Flanagan (2020) [AhLaN] » ebook tutorial
5 days22 MB140
Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 4th Edition By Matt Frisbie (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days25 MB93
The JavaScript Workshop By Joseph Labrecque, Jahred Love (2019) [AhLaN] » ebook
5 days19 MB141

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